Bangalore (bangpypers)

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Bangalore (bangpypers)

Most of the known faces in Indian Python Community have been a part of this meetup group at sometime or other. After I moved to Bangalore I have been on the look out to attend the meetups but I missed it in the first 2 months since some work used to come by on the meetup days.

The meetup was schedule at I decided to go by Cycling since I was also looking for a long ride in my Cycle for a while.

BangPypers - Bangalore Python Users Group

But alas it took longer than expected owing to a wrong turn in my way. The theme of this week was Design Thinking and it had 3 Talks scheduled. I reached around The Speaker was almost in his closing notes.

Nevertheless I found a place to seat in the almost full room. I took out my phone to take notes and waited for the next talk which was on Design Pattern for distributed Architecture. The Talk covered various points on best practices related to distributed systems and tools and techniques to achieve them. I made a note of the discussion for future reference. He used Micropython on a NodeMcu in which he built a simple Flask app which would fetch data from a Postgresql database and store it in a queue which would send signals to the LED.

I really liked the idea and it was a really hacky way to find a book. After his presentation I talked to him to get some pointers on starting my first Micropython project which I plan to do in the upcoming days.

After the session I talked to the organisers Anirudha and Abhiram with whom I shared my experiences at Hyderabad Python Community and also how they conduct BangPypers meetups.

Visa had arranged lunch for the attendees so the discussion continued at the Lunch table where I got to talk with other attendees and interacted about the work they were doing. Bangalore has a vibrant developer community and there are many more communities like PyData, PyLadies which conduct regular meetups. PyLadies Bangalore are going to have a meetup on coming Saturday, September Here is the announcment about the same.

At the end Vinay shared some more stories of his Hacks and experiences with tinkering with Micropython. And yeah here are some photos of the meetup I took.

The thing that made the meetup nice was the great Venue and the Topics of the Talks. Hope to attend future meetups as well!HackerEarth is conducting a series of meetups on various technology domains. You are invited to attend the Django meetup at the HackerEarth office tomorrow. This meetup is hands on workshop about using Robot framework in Python.

It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. It uses Python or Java to extend testing …. Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing.

It uses Python or Java to extend testing capabilities. We have python workshop request from Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering, kindly check below mentioned link and accept if you can conduct this workshop.

Each day can be individual tutor, Kindly let us know if you need any additional information. A Dev sprint is a get-together of people involved in the project and newcomers to enhance the project. You should be present on the dev sprint day to help.

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It is definitely worth! Agenda:Learn Python hands from volunteers. The session will be hands on with examples from Python 3. Windows instructions coming soon. We will send you email when meetup is open for RSVP.


ITC Gardenia Number. Its been a while we had meetups at our office. Wondering what to do this time. So we decided to have an informal discussion on Robotframework. We will share automation examples from our setup. Newbies interested in learning Robotframewrok are most welcome. You can confirm your presence here. Apparently that link is dedcated to bangpyper meetup only. Feeds: Posts Comments. What is Dev Sprint? What type of contributions are welcome? RSVP will be opened 7 days before the event.

Please feel free to reach out for any doubts. Meetup for RobotFramework Its been a while we had meetups at our office. Want me to intimate you through Emails? Subscribe to wordpress by Email.You seem to have CSS turned off.

bangalore (bangpypers)

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Bangalore Python Users Group (BPUG)

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Improve your productivity and user experience with Open Shell, a Windows start menu alternative for Windows Bringing back the classic start menu style.

Learn More. Additional Project Details Bangalore India Hometown: Coimbatore. Geek who loves Python. Lately emacsified. Meetup page of the BangPypers group. Or sign up with email.

Already a member? Log in. Meetup members, Log in. COVID advisory For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks. Learn more. Start a new group. Sign up.

bangalore (bangpypers)

Location: Bangalore India Hometown: Coimbatore. Member since: April 15, Introduction Geek who loves Python. Member of 28 other Meetups. Bangalore Django User Group. Art of Poetry: The Madhushala Way. Bangalore Artificial Intelligence Meetup. The Bangalore Clojure User Group. Bangalore Distributed System's Meetup. Bangalore Erlang-OTP-ians. Bangalore Fintech Startups. Bangalore Poetry Meetup. Bookworms of Bangalore BOB. The Boston Python User Group.

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DataKind Bangalore. Deep Learning Bangalore. DigitalOcean Bangalore. Docker Bangalore. FOSS Cafe. Golang Bangalore. Hyderabad Python User Group. Papers we love, Bangalore. Practical Data Science.Archive of posts authored by 'BangPypers'.

Code Walkthrough, a session where the speaker takes us through the source of BangPypers 17 Nov All the sessions ran for around 40 minutes BangPypers 27 Oct BangPypers 15 Jul The meetup started in the morning at AM and went on till PM.

Close to 40 folks BangPypers 21 Jan BangPypers 19 Nov BangPypers 22 Oct BangPypers 17 Sep For the first time, all talks were arranged in Automation theme.

Thanks for the warm response from the BangPypers 20 Aug More than 80 people attended the workshop. BangPypers 16 Jul Kracekumar facilitated the workshop.

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BangPypers 18 Jun This time we had a series of talks about Mesh networks. BangPypers 21 May BangPypers 23 Apr BangPypers 02 Apr Session started around BangPypers 19 Mar Feb bangpypers workshop The February BangPypers workshop was hosted by Sabre, attended by 60 participants. BangPypers 17 Feb Feb bangpypers talk report The February BangPypers talks happened at the Grofers, attended by 70 participants.

This is the first time Grofers hosted us. BangPypers 06 Feb There were 23 participants. BangPypers 30 Jan BangPypers 19 Dec We had 4 talks, commenced at AM.

BangPypers 28 Nov Archive of posts under category: 'meetup'. Pursuant to that, the 3 talks that happened were Abhiram 21 Sep Code Walkthrough, a session where the speaker takes us through the source of BangPypers 17 Nov All the sessions ran for around 40 minutes BangPypers 27 Oct The venue was Synup in Koramangala, and we had 3 speakers. The first two talks were of Abhiram 16 Sep BangPypers 15 Jul The venue was Treebo Hotels, and there were 4 speakers.

The talks were each of minutes. Abhiram 08 Jul The venue was Nutanix, and the 3 speakers, this time spoke again on topics related to the internals of Abhiram 17 Jun The venue was VM Ware, and this time Abhiram 20 May Abhiram 15 Apr Abhiram 25 Mar Abhiram 18 Mar Talks — Feb, This meetup was different from previous one.

Every meetup is different and unique since topics and attendees are different. This meetup was a testbed for a new format called Short Krace 18 Feb The meetup started in the morning at AM and went on till PM. Close to 40 folks BangPypers 21 Jan BangPypers 19 Nov BangPypers 22 Oct This way you can stand out in the feed and Instagram users will instantly recognize you.

bangalore (bangpypers)

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