Maintenance procedure pdf

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Maintenance procedure pdf

Maintenance work is important even for companies that work mainly out of offices, as there are building utilities, HVAC systems, custodial work, plumbing and general wear and tear to consider. The maintenance team will work more efficiently when their work is designed to be proactive, consistent and clearly defined.

Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are documents used in business and industry to give a consistent set of information and direction s to employees doing a particular job. SOPs are used to describe everything from accounting practices to chemical production. A good SOP will include:. Obviously, the length and detail in an SOP will correlate to the complexity of the job at hand. The SOP for fixing a toilet is likely to be a simple page in length, whereas the SOP for cleaning a reactor is likely to contain many pages of hazard descriptions as well as detailed steps.

One of the most important things to consider for maintenance operating procedures is the act of performing preventative maintenance, commonly abbreviated as PM, to avoid emergencies by being proactive. For example, the SOP for an HVAC system might include changing a filter every three months, checking for leaks on a monthly basis and confirming electrical connections once a year. Planned maintenance work is always more agreeable than unplanned emergency work, and early detection of problems can help avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Standard operating procedures for general workplace maintenance should include routine checks of utility lines, HVAC and other central building systems, plumbing maintenance, infrastructure checks for damage, leaks or faulty wiring and any other specifics that relate to the building in question.

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Often, maintenance crews are also responsible for the installation of new desks, lighting, pictures or wall hangings, flooring replacements and restroom upgrades. One of the key functions in an office workspace often associated with maintenance is custodial services.

These services are vital for keeping an office clean and safe for all individuals. Their SOPs can include vacuuming, cleaning of restrooms and kitchenettes, trash collection and disposal, snow removal, yard or garden upkeep and maintaining proper inventory of trash bags, paper cups and other consumables.

Keeping up with preventative maintenance, following the standard procedures and responding quickly to upsets and emergencies helps to keep offices running smoothly and efficiently. Danielle Smyth is a writer and content marketer from upstate New York. She has been writing on business-related topics for nearly 10 years.

She owns her own content marketing agency, Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing www. Share It. An overview of the safety hazards associated with the job. Directions for performing the job that are clear, concise and can be understood by a trained employee even if he's never performed this particular job before. Guidelines to follow after completing the work, including how to return to normal operation and what details need to be reported or recorded in files.

A list of potential issues or problems that could occur and the normal troubleshooting steps and solutions to apply. About the Author. Photo Credits.Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Below is the uncorrected machine-read text of this chapter, intended to provide our own search engines and external engines with highly rich, chapter-representative searchable text of each book.

This implies that facilities must be inspected on a periodic basis in order to determine their conditions and if any maintenance actions are required to preserve their lives or return them to operational conditions. Two main elements of an inspection process are what is to be inspected and when how often do the inspections occur. In order to standardize this process and ensure that a facility is being properly inspected, it is suggested that each person conducting the inspection follow the same procedures and conduct the inspections on the same periodic schedule.

Use of individual checklists will help ensure that inspections are done properly and consistently irrespective of who conducts them. These checklists may include routine maintenance that is to be performed in conjunction with the inspection. In most cases, there are different inspections for the same infrastructure or piece of equipment that are done on different schedules. For example, a wind cone may require a daily inspection to ensure that there are no faulty lightbulbs, a monthly inspection of the condition of the wind-sock fabric, and a semi-annual inspection to check the bearings on the frame assembly and apply grease if necessary.

Sections 4. Since these checklists are intended to be used for all sizes of general aviation airports, they are written in a generic manner and may include items that are not applicable to a specific airport.

Airport staff are encouraged to modify the checklists as necessary to fit their particular situation based on types of infrastructure and available resources. Although the checklists provide suggested activities and schedules, airport management will need to determine what is needed for its airport based on the complexity and amount of infrastructure and staff abilities. Safety must be practiced in every inspection and maintenance activity that is performed.

In order for a PM program to be successful, the technicians performing the inspections and maintenance must be properly trained on the equipment on which they will be working. This program provides education in four disciplines: airfield operations, airfield lighting maintenance, security, and communications.

Each individual engaged in performing maintenance at the airport should be provided with, and use, the appropriate safety equipment needed for the task being performed. This may include items such as gloves, safety glasses, brightly colored and reflective safety vests, work boots with steel toes, and hard hats.

Specialized equipment or clothing may be required for those activities that are more hazardous or involve the handling or application of chemicals. Many larger general aviation airports have formal safety training courses that employees must complete before they are permitted to work in the airport environment.

At most smaller airports, however, it is left to the airport manager to provide the necessary training to an employee or obtain the training from a larger airport. General Airport Safety. This includes vehicle movement about the airport and any airport security requirements.

This booklet can be printed and used as a training guide for employees.

maintenance procedure pdf

Having personnel trained in the proper operation of vehicles and radio communication while working on the airfield is extremely important.To ensure sustenance of machine and equipment capability by periodic preventive maintenance. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

It is based on a breakdown maintenance trigger. It may be either planned or unplanned. Maintenance Manager is responsible to plan and carry out periodic preventive maintenance and ensure continued process capability. Also responsible for oil spillage, vibration, emission and noise level. List of critical spares and existing stock is maintained.

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Records are maintained in respectively. Pretesh Biswas has wealth of qualifications and experience in providing results-oriented solutions for your system development, training or auditing needs.

He has helped dozens of organizations in implementing effective management systems to a number of standards. He provide a unique blend of specialized knowledge, experience, tools and interactive skills to help you develop systems that not only get certified, but also contribute to the bottom line.

He has taught literally hundreds of students over the past 5 years. He has experience in training at hundreds of organizations in several industry sectors. His training is unique in that which can be customized as to your management system and activities and deliver them at your facility. This greatly accelerates the learning curve and application of the knowledge acquired. He is now ex-Certification body lead auditor now working as consultancy auditor.

He has performed hundreds of audits in several industry sectors. As consultancy auditor, he not just report findings, but provide value-added service in recommending appropriate solutions. Training: He has delivered public and on-site quality management training to over students. Other services: He has provided business planning, restructuring, asset management, systems and process streamlining services to a variety of manufacturing and service clients such as printing, plastics, automotive, transportation and custom brokerage, warehousing and distribution, electrical and electronics, trading, equipment leasing, etc.

Prior to becoming a business consultant 6 years ago, he has worked in several portfolios such as Marketing, operations, production, Quality and customer care. He is also certified in Six Sigma Black belt. View all posts by preteshbiswas. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.ST Steve Turner Messenger. Folks, I have a requirement to write maintenance procedures.

I am looking for smart templates that I can show the managers.

maintenance procedure pdf

The procedures are going to cover corrective maintenance and deep level inspections and overhauls. If anyone has what they consider to be a good layout or template, I would be grateful if they would share this with me.

Original Post. E Eugene Leader. I'm not sure if this what you are asking for, but here it is.

maintenance procedure pdf

Define appropriate management level required for approval. Purpose one paragraph 2. Scope affected equipment, employees, areas 3.

Maintenance Procedures Templates | AMP Maintenance Forums

Thanks Eugene Can you attach a sample to the site here. That would be great. Sorry for the delay, this could be a sample to start.

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Files 1. Thanks mate!! This is good stuff. Sincerely Steve. V Vee Leader. Steve, My cynical view: Procedures in text tend to be wordy,are usually out of date, and mostly used for self protection.

Regulators love them, auditors breathe them, workmen tend not to have sighted them! But, we need them ; yes we do, but not always in legalese. I suggest we use process flow charts to explain procedures to workmen, preferably available at worksites rather than in manuals. They should have photographs or sketches, preferably 3-d showing the steps. Dimensional proptocols should be in tables, with sketches.

The more 'thumbed' the charts look, the better. Of course we need some standard words to go with them, but the fewer the words the better. My 2c. J Josh Leader. Do you have any example of the process flow charts? But it has been argued in another post that the business process maps or perhaps your process flow charts may not contain sufficient details.

Is it still suitable to use process flow charts for maintenance instructions eg lube oil sampling? Vee, agree; however I'm in a highly regulated industry and as you said regulators love them.

Darth, Even your industry cant be as highly regulated as the Airlines. I have visited an engine repair GE workshop and an Avionics repair facility BAboth of which use process charts extensively to help their workers.A maintenance program is only as good as its measurement data.

Poor data may be worse than no data at all because poor data may lead to the wrong analysis, resulting in working on the wrong thing. One of the best ways to help ensure good data collection is to have well-written procedures for collecting the data.

Plants often fail to see the importance of having well-written procedures for most tasks and especially for tasks seemingly as simple as data collection. This article covers the importance of having good procedures and presents the details needed to develop well-written standard maintenance procedures.

A standard maintenance procedure is a detailed list of steps that describes how to perform a maintenance task and is also a documented standard to which the job or task should be performed. All repetitive maintenance tasks should be covered by SMPs, regardless of who performs those tasks, be they craftspeople, contractors or operators. How does a preventive maintenance PM write-up differ from an standard maintenance procedure?

The answer: It doesn't. Standard maintenance procedures are the basis of effective and efficient maintenance work. A statement reading: "Read all of the steps in this standard maintenance procedure before beginning work.

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Any other important information that may help the worker complete the task in a satisfactory manner. Space to provide feedback as to the accuracy and effectiveness of the standard maintenance procedure.

Feedback is critical to the success of SMPs. In order for SMPs to be effective and accurate, a formal feedback mechanism should be supplied to the job performer. The SMP should be updated when feedback reveals mistakes or more effective ways to perform the job.

Poorly written SMPs are unsafe and largely ineffective. When writing an SMP, there will always be a trade-off between too much or too little detail. Too much detail will waste resources in writing the SMP and may slow the job by wasting the time of the job performer. Remember that there is no perfect SMP regardless of how much detail is included.

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